Three single and successful women juggle career, dating, and explore the possibilities of motherhood on their journey to creating their “happily ever after.” OPTIONED
Request a pitch deck or link to sizzle


movie buff

In the buff is a 30 minute game show, where contestants compete for cash and the title of the “True Movie Buff.” This game show can be enjoyed by an entire family and offers exciting and friendly competition. Request Pitch Deck 


Silent Partner is an hour-long competition reality show (Shark Tank meets the Voice meets Deal or No Deal) where aspiring entrepreneurs get to pitch their ideas and startup businesses to anonymous investors.      Request  a Treatment 

diva interrupted
diva Interrupted is an hour-long reality series. This dating show is a cross between Tough Love and Millionaire Matchmaker. The show will feature eight successful divas, 30 to 50 years of age, who are at the top of their game. We will interrupt their lives and move them under the same roof with other divas like themselves in an ode to finally find love.  Request a pitch deck


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