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Johari Mackey as Chanise


JohariMackey Chanise
Johari Mackey as Chanise

A Carnegie Mellon graduate Johari Nandi Mackey will be joining the cast of “Forties Af” playing the role of Chanise. Originally from the south side of Chicago, Johari grew up performing and directing plays right in her grandmother’s living room. That joy for the arts quickly turned into a passion. She joined the National Forensic League in high school, where she went on to become a state and national champion in her categories, and performed in all the school plays from her freshman year all the way until her senior year. The big reward came when she was accepted into Carnegie Mellon School of Arts, majoring in Musical Theater. After graduating she has performed in numerous plays, had guest star appearances on shows like “Madame Secretary” and continues to pursue her dreams here in LA. She is so excited to be a part of the “Forties AF” cast, and cannot wait to see what the future holds for this fun, sassy, REAL project!

Valaira Sa-Ra as Hope

Filmmaker Producer, Actress & Model

Valaira Sa-Ra as Hope

Valaira Sa-Ra was born in the Bronx, New York City of West Indian descent. Having obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Management, she has developed both a passion for & commitment to, the world of fashion and entertainment at a very early age. As a model, actress, filmmaker, and producer, her attraction & enthusiasm for the fashion and entertainment industry eventually grew into a vision to establish her own production company, MiVUE Entertainment.

As a model Valaira Sa-Ra has appeared in Essence, Heart and Soul, and Elite Style Magazine. She is also an accomplished filmmaker, producer, and actress, and in 2019 she produced the featured documentary The Rhythm of Blue. She is currently working in Los Angeles, California combining all of her skills and talents, in a positive, life-affirming way. Through her talents and her company MiVUE Entertainment, she encourages individuals to dream BIG & to make their dreams their REALITY!

Jania Foxworth as Brianna

Actress, Singer, Author

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Jania Foxworth as Brianna

Jania is a highly skilled actress. She consistently works and produces voiceover for commercials, animation/cartoons, video games, audiobooks, T.V/Films and podcasts. She starred in the Los Angeles theater production of “Dream Girls”. Her portrayal of ‘Effie White’ was met with rave reviews from theater goers and critics alike, including the NAACP! Jania and The Perry Twins first single, Activate My Body, rose to #1 on CASHBOX and #3 on THE BILLBOARD CLUB CHART. Their new single, Impulse, is ready to take dance floors by storm!

DeTray Wade as Tre /Announcer /Legend


DeTray Wade as Tre /Announcer /Legend

De’ Tray Wade first expressed interest in acting as a 9-year-old boy watching the premiere season of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Since then he has welcomed every opportunity to perform.  De’ Tray grew up between the Midwest and the Southeast where he actively participated in local theater/tv/film.  Upon graduating college he moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his childhood dream of being a star actor.  Since moving to L.A., De’ Tray has appeared on TV several times – including game show “Funny You Should Ask” to a nationwide TARGET commercial to a quick appearance on Grownish, and more.  However, more recently he has ventured into voice over work voicing a character on the upcoming season of a YouTube animated series called “HBCU: An Animated Series,” and now an All-New sexy, sassy and funny fiction drama series podcast about three forty-something friends and their complicated lives called “FORTIES AF.” Keep your eyes and ears open for De’ Tray Wade. His dreams are becoming his reality!

Jamin Watson as Lionel /Boob Man /Victor


Jamin Watson as Lionel

Jamin Watson was born September 30th a middle child of four in Sacremento CA. He grew up in sunny Southern Califonia at a city called Loma Linda.  There Jamin mastered various sports such as basketball, soccer, and football yet his true passion was in the performing arts.  Jamin naturally gravitated toward the stage and was highly acclaimed for his ability to bring depth to characters.  After high school Jamin’s passion for theatre grew to include the world of cinema and filmmaking. Jamin studied at different universities in Film, Television and Digital Media as well as the Constantine Stanislavski method of realism in 3 states, WA, TX, & CA.  Upon graduation in 2015 Jamin has graced his talents in film, radio, music, and commercials.  He currently resides in Los Angeles with his bonsai tree.

Aaron Hammond as Jamie (Episode 3 to 8)



Aaron has been an entertainment industry professional for over 16 years. Born in Washington, DC, he fell in love with the entertainment industry very young thru a family member acting in New York. He grew up performing and self producing small projects for friends and family. He is currently a voice over actor living in Los Angeles who reads audiobooks, as well as voiced projects for Verizon, and internal corporate videos.

Ramell Taylor as Jamie (Episode 1 & 2)

Fitness Enthusiast, Actor

rammell Taylor
Ramell Taylor as Jamie

Ramell is a Commercial Actor and Fitness Model. Originally from Detroit, MI, Ramell began his TV career as a broadcast journalist in small town Kansas before moving to Los Angeles in 2016. Since the move, Ramell has been in National Commercials for companies such as Anheuser-Busch, the NBA and Copperfit. Ramell is a former Professional basketball Player and is still heavily involved in Fitness World as Founder of ”Hard Work is Sexy” Personal Training and Nutrition services.

Kiana Ephriam 
Actress, Talent Manager
Kiana Ephriam plays Diamond
Kiana Ephriam as (Hope’s Mom /Diamond &Olivia)

A respected 15+year entertainment industry professional, Kiana Ephriam, is a PR and Talent strategist who represents urban, gospel and mainstream personalities and organizations alike.

A native of Los Angeles, CA, the city nurtured her curiosity for a creative and arts career as an Actress at a very young age.  Kiana decided to follow her strong creative drive and passion for the industry, which lead to a new experience as a Sr. Talent Producer. She found great success behind the camera, but the passion for acting was still her hearts desire. She has performed on stages as a Singer with great voices in Gospel, Pop & R&B and has been featured on TV shows such as David Tutera’s, Celebrations.

Kiana’s academic background includes degrees in both English and Musical Theater from the prestigious Claremont Colleges in Claremont, CA.

She has been integral in developing show concepts and overseeing production and Celebrity Talent staff, and served as Creative Consultant for multiple special events, live and film productions.

Now as a budding Actress she is returning to her first love and has her sights set on making a bigger impact in the worlds of TV and Film, both mainstream and faith-based, with future projects in queue.

Kiana Ephriam credits her success to God, family, friends and mentors in the industry. Her motto “Tenacity, skill and ability will get you through the door. Faith, integrity and humility will keep you there.”

Lakisha Perry 


Lakisha Perry as Santana/Diana /Sister Carter/Vivian

LaKisha “Kisha Perry from Gary” Perry, comedian, entrepreneur/owner HaapyNow! Amusement (black owners mobile amusement) and singer from Michael Jackson’s hometown, Gary, Indiana. BET’s 106 & Park Covergirl Winner 06’. Background actress on VH1’s Love & HipHop Hollywood. Elated to join the cast.

Carey Westbrook


Carey Westbrook as Hope’s & Brianna’s Dad Carey Westbrook is a former script consultant for two Academy Award nominated producers, Derek Cianfrance and George Tillman Jr.  He has appeared in such films as Strangeland, Streets of Legend, and primetime TV shows like Worst Bakers in America, Baggage, Race To Escape, and many more.  He’s the creator and director of the L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film, and Script festival at, hailed by L.A. Weekly as the festival with “the world’s sexiest, darkest, crime short films.”  He is also the creator of the multi-media interactive Death Hole Sweeties cartoon / card game / movie / webisode series coming soon to


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