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FAITH-BASED DRAMA/COMEDY:  A sexy non-committal gold digger’s sugar daddy falls ill, with her lifestyle in jeopardy she looks for a replacement at church.  Read Script 

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ROMANTIC COMEDY: After Madison, a hopeless romantic and personal organizer’s happily ever after is dismantled by betrayal, she tries to piece it back together. Unable to get over “her own heartbreak,”she joins a quirky “Heartbreak Anonymous,” group to attempt to organize her own life and find her one true love. If he even exists.    Request Treatment

the walk

DRAMA: When an abandoned impressionable young girl has an unfortunate accident, she goes on a journey to find her mother and is trying to figure out what this thing called life is all about.  Read Script


(THRILLER) A bitter divorcee and mother of two, stumbles across corruption during a goodwill trip to Thailand for her company, only to accidentally stumble across some corruption and end up having to choose between making a wrong right or saving herself.
  Read Script


SAFARI : (Horror/Thriller)
Five couples go on an adventure of their lifetime and visit one of the wonders of the world in Africa. Only to find out that everything isn’t what is seems. 
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