Old vintage TV isolated on white background

FORTIES AF – (Sitcom)

Logline:  Three forty-something single friends lead their complicated lives as they discover that life does, in fact, begin at forty.

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ON THE OUTSIDE – (Drama Series)

Logline:  Terrence Freeman, an ex-con is released on parole after doing 20 years in prison for accidentally killing his best friend. Looking forward, he’s determined to get his life back on track and not be defined by his sorted past.  

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In Development


Logline:  Lacy’s mom comes to visit her and reveals that she is leaving her father and moving in with her. Well, if that’s not enough, her daughter hasn’t told her mom that she’s gay.

In Development

Cabernet (Drama Series)

Logline: A drama series set in the 90s, that follows the personal and professional lives of four strippers who became friends working at one of the top gentleman’s clubs in Dallas, Texas called The Cabernet.

In Development


Spec Script

MOM – “Footsteps & Threesomes – Spec Script
Logline: Christy tires to show Violet how to dream and build goals, so, that she won’t turn out like her. Bonnie has a new addiction.  
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