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Tanisha Quilter-Williams brings a unique worldview shaped by a colorful background. From growing up as a “military brat,” to working in the trenches at some of Hollywood’s top companies, her eclectic experience has created a unique perspective and fostered her producing projects, as well as her multifaceted characters that come to life in her screenwriting. She also enjoys writing dramedies about the female experience and the quest for self-discovery.

Working at ICM, WMA, Inside Edition, E! Entertainment and US Weekly introduced her to experiences that landed her on the red carpet interviewing celebrities, such as, Oprah Winfrey, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Denzel Washington, and Kelsey Grammar. During her time at US Weekly, she played a major part in bringing one of the biggest cover stories to US Weekly Magazine when she negotiated the Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin engagement cover story.

In 2013, Tanisha left the journalism world behind to pursue her passion for screenwriting. She eventually went back to school to obtain her MFA in Creative Writing and hasn’t looked back.  Today, she has written and produced a fiction podcast drama called “Forties AF,” about three forty-something single friends who pick up the pieces their thirties left behind. Forties AF season 1 has received more than 35,000 downloads with very little marketing or ad budget.The podcast has been chosen to participate in Gotham Pitch Week 2021 and has been nominated as BEST FICTION PODCAST by the Podcast Awards-People’s Choice to be announced September 30, 2021.

Currently, she is finishing up Season 2 of Forties AF podcast. In the process of developing an original television dramedy, “Little Black Catholic School Girl,” and seeking to start pre-production on her first short drama film “James” in the Winter of 2021.

Tanisha is single and based in Los Angeles, CA.

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